Booking, Parking and Access

No, this is not required. Fees are also the same for both members and non-members

The easiest access is from Hart multistorey car park; this is accessed opposite houses 80-85 on Albert Street. The fee for parking for 1hr is £1. The gym (Anytime Fitness) is located on the first floor of the shopping centre.

Alternatively, there is also a public car park next to The Prince Arthur, and also, slightly further away in Church Road car park.

Yes, both the treatment room and the gym itself is airconditioned

Our Services / Treatments

Yes, we accept most providers, but please contact us prior to confirm.

No, referrals are not necessary. We may wish to write to your GP with your permission to update them on your health and progress.

To perform an appropriate assessment and treatment it’s likely you will be asked to remove relevant clothing in relation to the area of pain/injury. We provide clean, hypoallergenic gowns and/or shorts to wear during treatment.

Treatment should not be painful, and communication is maintained throughout treatment to maintain patient comfort and consent. All techniques, their safety, and method of action are explained prior.

Often, 2-4 sessions at weekly intervals are appropriate. This of course varies considerably based on the nature of the injury/condition.  We aim to get you active again as soon as possible, and assist you in managing it yourself effectively with the right education and guidance.

If we believe it is appropriate, yes this is something can we arrange at no extra cost.

Osteopaths typically complete 4 years of medical training with an emphasis on musculoskeletal health and injury. They are primary care health practitioners whose title is protected by UK law. They must be registered with the general osteopathic council and complete continuous professional development training.